Old Volvos Never Die

Byron and Surekha’s Road Tripping Machine


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Byron and Surekha love going on road trips. They especially love their road trip vessel; a sturdy, brownish Volvo that has not only kept them safe but taken them on many exciting explorations across Australia. “When we lived in Traralgon, we used to drive to Melbourne most weekends to visit family and the Volvo was so comfy and such a great car to have for those longer drives,” says Byron.

It was on these casual road trips that the couple discovered how much they loved going on longer drives, when you have no set plan and the complete freedom to pull over whenever something captures your attention. “It became our holiday car and has taken us so many places; Canberra in 2011 where we just stopped at random towns along the way, as well as Adelaide, Lakes Entrance and Sydney. We loved Sydney so much that we did that trip two more times, and thanks to our many road trips we ended up doing more than 100,000 kilometres”, laughs Byron, who likes to refer to the Volvo as their “road tripping machine”.


It was with heavy hearts that they decided it was time to part ways with their trusty travel companion of six years, to downsize to a smaller car better suited for inner city driving. “When we moved to Melbourne we wanted to downsize to a more economic car, but we knew that if we tried to sell it, no matter how large the price tag was, it would never do justice to the car and the many memories and amazing holidays she carried us on,” says Byron.

There is a sticker on the back windscreen of the car that reads ‘Old Volvos Never Die’ and as Byron says “with a bit of love and money, the Volvo can run the highways of Australia for years to come.” Regardless who buys the car at the public auction or how much it sells for, the couple agrees that by giving it to a good cause its legacy will live on after they part ways. “My wife and I both really want the Volvo to help young people who need it the most – that’s why we decided to give it to Kids Under Cover.”

As a teacher, Byron knows how crucial it is to keep young people engaged with education and in a safe home environment so it makes such a difference to know that the Volvo will help do exactly that. “I work closely with many kids and thankfully most of them haven’t had to experience any serious hardship. That said, I have still come across too many who have faced difficulty,” explains Byron.


Contact us on donateyourcar@kuc.org.au or call 1800 801 633 if you would like to donate your vehicle and make a difference.


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