Mighty Whitey’s Final Journey

Mighty Whitey – The Stork of Steel

When Hilary, 37 and her husband Chris bought their white 1996 Ford Falcon it instantly became part of their family. They named him ‘Mighty Whitey’ simply because he deserved a grand name and nothing less would do. The car went wherever they went, following them through every stage of life, and has been a true companion for their little family for 10 terrific years.

Reminiscing, a thankful Hilary explains: “We bought the Mighty Whitey in 2006 to move our entire lives and everything that we owned from Southern Victoria to the Sunshine Coast, QLD.”   Being the couple’s first car, they have many amazing memories from the road trip that would see them settling in sunny Queensland. “We camped and slept in our car along the way and the Mighty delivered us safe and sound to our destination,” says Hilary.

Even when they were overseas, the car had an important job to do. “It stored and protected our possessions while we were overseas working ski seasons,” says Hilary, “and when we were at home, we watched many sunsets with a glass of wine, fish and chips, whilst sitting in the back of the Mighty.”

Having been an important fixture in their lives for so many years, it was natural for them to include him in some of life’s biggest moments too. “At our wedding four years ago, he was our wedding chariot,” says Hilary. Last year, Hilary and Chris welcomed baby Finn and for them, there was no doubt who would be taking their baby home:

“He was our stork of steel bringing our little boy home from the hospital,” beams Hilary. After 10 terrific years, it’s time for Mighty Whitey to embark on its next adventure, and although it’s a sad goodbye it’s also a good one, as the couple decided to donate their car to the Kids Under Cover Donate Your Car® Program where he can help prevent youth homelessness.

“We have loved the Mighty and he has loved us back, so we couldn’t think of anything more fitting than for him to continue to give to people in need. We thank Kids Under Cover for having such a wonderful program for us to donate to.”


Donate Your Car®