Tradie Donates for a Second Time

 Tradie Donates for a Second Time

jonoFour years ago, when the Donate Your Car® program was still in its early days, Jonathon – who goes by Jono – donated his first car to Kids Under Cover. “I bought the car as a fixer-upper but didn’t end up having the time to dedicate to it so I donated it to Kids Under Cover,” says Jono.

Four years later, he remembers how his car helped young people in need and will now be donating his second car to the Donate Your Car® program, his Ford Falcon Longreach, a car he refers to as a “typical trustworthy tradie’s ute.” Jono, a cabinetmaker by trade, worked on cattle farms around Western Australia and Northern Territory and came across the Ute by chance – in the most unlikely of places. “I actually bought the car cheaply at the pub in Darwin, after I finished Jackarooing,” laughs Jono. “I then drove the car back to Melbourne to begin my apprenticeship.”

Having seen him through his apprenticeship, the Ute has been a constant companion and a true mate – not just for Jono. “It has taken me to and from work but also helped move house for everyone else.” Having qualified as a cabinetmaker and doing well at work with his own apprentices working with him, he feels that the time has come to upgrade his car, he says. “The ute has been great for a while but it’s getting older and needs a bit of work done to it. I decided to part ways with it when it got to the stage where the driver’s door didn’t open and I had to crawl across from the passenger side.”

Jono’s Ute was sold through our Auction Partner, Manheim – maybe as a “fixer-upper.” Regardless who buys it and for how much, 100% of the sale proceeds will go to Kids Under Cover and help prevent youth homelessness. Having donated not only one but two cars to our Donate Your Car® program, Kids Under Cover is incredibly grateful to Jono for his ongoing support of our work and welcome others who are thinking of upgrading their personal or business cars to follow his example – your car can help prevent youth homelessness.

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