A Kind Heart & Team Effort Making a Real Difference

HomeRepair Donates Fourth Vehicle – Raising More Than $10,000 

On the surface, HomeRepair do exactly what they say they do: They repair homes. In other words, when you lodge a claim with your insurance company the team at HomeRepair will come out, assess and repair the damage.

However, when you scratch the surface, they do a lot more than that. As Derlee from the Melbourne office explains: “Some of our customers have been through a lot and we hear their stories first-hand. I can’t even imagine what some families go through, what it would be like to deal with major damage to your home.”

A national repairer now owned by the Suncorp Group, HomeRepair was originally a family run business and those values are still very close to heart for the 130 staff members at the South Melbourne based office. “We have bake sales at the office and donate the proceeds to a charity or family we have come across in our community,” says Derlee. Teamwork is always at the forefront and helping others can be a real team experience too. “If we see the need and can do something about it we do.”


In 2015 HomeRepair made their first donation to the Donate Your Car® program followed quickly in 2016 when they donated another two vehicles.

It was CEO, Donna Freer who suggested to donate the fourth vehicle (a van) in 2017, which sold for just over $10,000!

Donna remembered the donation process as “easy and smooth” and with the van just sitting idle in their Queensland warehouse they decided to make a third donation. “Even though we went through the ATO valuation process this time and had to fill out a few more forms the Donate Your Car® team made it easy for us,” says Derlee.

With the festive season fast approaching, the team wrapping up 2017 to spend time with their loved ones, Derlee, Donna and the rest of HomeRepair have already started thinking of ways they can continue to make a difference in the new year. “We will keep doing our baking sales and of course donate vehicles to Kids Under Cover where we no longer have a business use for them”, says Derlee.

HomeRepair encourages other workplaces to pay it forward and make a difference this holiday season by donating or holding a fundraiser at the office – “it really brings the team together too!”


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