Giving Back by Giving Up

Urban Planner Decides on ‘Active Transport’ and Donates Beloved Ute

Luke Bott and his car

Luke Bott is a man who likes to practice what he preaches. This led him to part with his much-loved Holden Ute, his pride and joy for the last 16 years.

Working in urban planning, Luke is an advocate of ‘active transport’. “I realised that my car was no longer just a convenient transport option. It had become habit to just grab the keys and drive everywhere” says Luke.

This realisation led to his decision to donate his car to Kids Under Cover. “I made the commitment to break the dependency and donate my car.” It was a hard decision but Luke has no regrets, saying “I’m very excited to see how I adapt to this new active lifestyle.”

Looking forward to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle where cycling and walking will replace the car, Luke hopes to inspire others “If I can do it anyone can, it’s not the end of your life if you don’t have a car” he says.

CEO Jo Swift encourages others to donate their car or any other vehicle “Donating is easy with an online form to fill in and then we collect your car for free, making it a simple way to really make a difference.”

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