Doughie Delivers Last Run For Kids

Retired School Bus Helps Prevent Youth Homelessness

After 10 years of running the Donate Your Car® program, Kids Under Cover received the very first bus donation in late 2016.

‘Doughie’ the school bus has been the flagship of Tim and Sharon Phelan’s Bairnsdale bus company for 17 years. When it was time for the cherished bus to retire, it was important for them both to give her to a good cause. “Doughie carted school kids around for years, so I think it’s great that she is going to continue to help kids”, Sharon says. By choosing to donate the bus to Kids Under Cover, the Phelans will help support disadvantaged youth at risk of homelessness.

With many fond memories, Sharon remembers the 2000 Sydney Olympic games as an absolute highlight. “A lot of buses in Victoria went up to help with transport, and we carried a lot of athletes around, including some of the Australian swimming team. She put in a good effort.”  ‘Doughie’ has been a school bus all her life but according to Sharon, she could have other hidden talents. “Mechanically, she’s reliable – she could be turned into a good motor home, for example” says Sharon.

CEO Jo Swift and her team are incredibly thankful for the bus donation – a very exciting first for Kids Under Cover. With more than 12,000 donations, which also includes boats, vans and now busses, the program has a big impact on our work. “All the sale proceeds are used to help at-risk young people stay connected to home and education,” says Jo.

Visit or email to find out more about how you can make a donation to the Donate Your Car® program.

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