Making A Difference At Any Age

We Can All Make A Difference, No Matter How Young!

How many five-year-old’s would agree to give up birthday presents to help young people at risk of homelessness? 

Birthday fundriaser

When you have everything you need it can be hard to figure out what to wish for – even if you are only five years old. After realising how fortunate their five-year-old daughter Anaya is, Payal and her husband Rashmikant decided to suggest a different kind of wish list for her birthday: swapping presents for money that would be donated to charity.

Payal, her husband and two children, Anaya, five and Ayaan one feel blessed to have everything they need. Like many Australian families, their children have more than enough toys, many that don’t even get used. “We started thinking, instead of asking our guests to buy toys and other gifts for Anaya’s birthday it would be a good idea to ask them to gift money instead so we could donate to charity,” says Payal.

The family had previously visited Kids Under Cover’s Cubby House Village at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and decided that they wanted the donation to help young people at risk of homelessness. “We love the cubby houses and learned about Kids Under Cover’s work at the show. Having two kids of my own I wouldn’t want any child to be without a safe home, food and the opportunity to access education. It was an easy choice” explains Payal.

Once they knew what they wanted to do it was time to ask Anaya what she thought, but how do you ask a five-year-old what she thinks about giving up birthday presents to help others? “I started talking to Anaya about how she loves her home, clothes, and toys and how there are kids out there who aren’t as lucky. I asked her what she thought about helping them and she agreed straight away”, says proud Mum Payal.

Although it’s the first time the Patel family has held any kind of fundraiser it definitely won’t be the last. “Our friends and family were very supportive of the idea and the impact this experience has had on our daughter is incredible. We are so proud of her and are determined to organise something like this again in the future”, says Payal.


The Patel family and their friends raised an impressive $1,000 in celebration of Anaya’s birthday, which will help us support a young person with a scholarship for a whole year. We are incredibly fortunate to have supporters like the Patel family and are especially thankful to Anaya for giving up her birthday presents to help young people at risk of homelessness.

Holding a fundraiser is a fun and easy way to make a real difference – anyone at any age can be involved.

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