Australian Taxation Office Valuations

Is Your Vehicle Valued at $5,000 or More?

Your Unwanted Vehicle Can Provide a Tax-Deduction via an ATO Valuation

Thank you for considering making such a generous donation to Kids Under Cover.

Donating a higher value vehicle to our Donate Your Car® program is a win – win: Not only are you helping us prevent young Australians from becoming homeless, you can claim the market value of your vehicle on your tax return.

How does it work?    

  1. Click on the button below to complete a quick donation form – select tax deduction option 2: ‘ATO valuation’
  2. We will contact you within 3 business days to talk to you about the ATO valuation process and paperwork required
  3. You complete and return the (hard copy) paperwork to us
  4. We will send the paperwork to the ATO for valuation
  5. Our tow trucks will collect your vehicle and take it to our auction partner, Manheim for auction
  6. The ATO will send you a ‘Certificate of Valuation’ within 6 weeks – please scan and email this to so we can generate a receipt for you


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Want to know more about the ATO Valuation process? Visit the FAQs below.

Do you want to know more about the vehicle collection, the auctions or the tax deductibility? Visit the Donate Your Car® FAQs HERE


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Special thanks to our partners;

Donate Your Car® Auction Partner: Manheim Auctions

Supporting Partners: Moreland City Council, Hume City CouncilBanyule City Council

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Donate Your Car® Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit for you is that you can claim the market value of your vehicle, regardless of how much it sells for. For example, if the ATO value your vehicle at $8000 and it sells for $5000 you can still claim $8,000.

Having higher value vehicles valued by the ATO also helps us set the right reserve and get the best sale at auction, making sure your vehicle has the greatest impact on our work to prevent youth homelessness.

It is up to you to determine if you believe your vehicle to be valued at $5,000 or more. We recommend looking at or another vehicle sales website to help you determine this. If the ATO value your vehicle at less than $5000 you can’t claim the valuation.

Not at all, it is completely up to you. If your vehicle is valued at $5,000 or more, but you don’t want to go through the ATO valuation process you can just select ‘option 1’ on the Donate Your Car® donation form and instead get a receipt based on how much your vehicle sells for at auction.

The ATO charge $241 to value your vehicle. This fee can be paid via cheque or Eftpos and is also tax deductible.

When the ATO has completed the valuation, they will send you a ‘Certificate of Valuation’ stating what they determine to be the market value of your vehicle. This amount will be what you can claim on tax.

The date you submit the general donation form is considered the date of donation by the ATO and will determine which financial year you made the donation.

The ATO need you to complete three forms:

1. Certificate of Donation – Philanthropy Program
2. Request for Valuation – Philanthropy Program
3. Car Appraisal Information Form
4. Copy of ownership documentation (e.g. registration papers or receipts of purchase)
5. Detailed photographs (inc. exterior, interior, odometer reading)

We will email the forms to you when you have completed the general donation form on our website.

Addition paperwork is completely optional. We recommend including any paperwork that can assist the ATO in conducting the valuation and provide you with the best possible valuation. For example, receipts for improvement/ repairs to the vehicle.

Please send your completed paperwork to:
Kids Under Cover
ATT: Sandra Olsen
PO Box 5141
Burnley VIC 3121

No, unfortunately the ATO require original signatures.

We can organise collection on any business day when we have received the ATO paperwork from you. We just need to give our towing service three business days’ notice.

Don’t worry – we can print them for you if you send us the photos via email.

It is up to you, but we recommend between 10-15 photographs showing the interior/ exterior of your vehicle, including one showing the current odometer reading.

No, unfortunately the ATO can’t refund the $241 valuation fee. or another vehicle sales website can give you an indication of how much your vehicle will get valued at and sell for. However, it is still an indication so we can’t guarantee that this will be the exact amount.

The tax deductible receipt will be issued in the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.