Australian Taxation Office Valuations

Australian Tax Office Valuations

Your Unwanted Vehicle Can Provide a Tax-Deduction via an ATO Valuation

Thank you for considering to make such a generous donation to Kids Under Cover!

Donating a higher value vehicle to our Donate Your Car® program is a win – win: Not only are you helping us prevent young Australians from becoming homeless, you can claim the market value of your vehicle on your tax return.

How to donate your car

  1. Click on the button below to complete a quick donation form – select tax deduction option 2: ‘ATO valuation’
  2. We will contact you within 3 business days to talk to you about the ATO valuation process and paperwork required
  3. You complete and return the (hard copy) paperwork to us
  4. We will send the paperwork to the ATO for valuation
  5. Our tow trucks will collect your vehicle and take it to our auction partner, Manheim for auction
  6. The ATO will send you a ‘Certificate of Valuation’ within 6 weeks – please scan and email this to so we can generate a receipt for you

Please note: our form works on all devices but is best on desktop using Google Chrome or Safari.

Want to know more about the ATO Valuation process?

To learn more about how to donate your car, get in touch with our team –

Phone (03) 9429 7444

Freecall 1800 801 633

Special thanks to our partners;

Donate Your Car® Auction Partner: Manheim Auctions

Supporting Partners: Hume City CouncilBanyule City Council

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