The Eyrie

‘The Eyrie’

By Porter Davis, represented by Glen Coutinho of RT Edgar

Safe and comfortable, just like the nest of an eagle

The Eyrie is an eagle’s nest, a place of solitude and comfort. A place for a child to explore their creativity, to play and draw, to rest, to simply escape and create nostalgic childhood memories.

The eagle is a noble bird that builds itself a sanctuary of a nest. After soaring the skies all day searching for prey they fly home to a place of warmth, comfort and safety. No matter how far they fly, they always come back, year after year to their Eyrie.

Porter Davis has designed a cubby with the eagle in mind. A child’s cubby is a place to claim their sense of wonder and escape to the joy of play. A place to be themselves in a comfortable safe and special environment, a nest to feed future nostalgia.

Key features:

  • Hammock lined in lambswool for comfort, protection and a place for a nap
  • Bluetooth Sonos speaker built onto wall
  • One way mirror face on a wall for the child inside to have sense of comfort
  • Star windows on roof for stargazing
  • Drawing wall with hidden floor compartment for art supply storage
  • Rough timber ladder to climb into the cubby house (as a bird would)
  • A feature artwork on an internal wall made out of varied glass, metal, and timber door knobs as a representation of a birds “findings”


 3D image produced by JAM3D

The Eyrie

Designed and built by: Porter Davis

Auction partner: Glen Coutinho – RT Edgar

Reserve $8,000

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