Rapunzel’s Tower

Rapunzel’s Tower by Porter Davis

What girl doesn’t dream of being a Princess? Doesn’t every boy want to be a Prince? 

The Porter Davis Rapunzel’s tower cubby house was created to live out the image that is seen in the storybook of the same name and have it come to life. It speaks to the timeless innocence of childhood fantasies of either being the Princess in the tower or the dashing Prince. The unique design of the cubby immediately transports children to another time and allows them to explore and expand their imagination.

Key Features;

  • Stone look tower
  • Ceiling lighting to resemble stars
  • Dog house at the bottom of the tower
  • Clear Perspex floor exposing a magic fairyland which includes fairies, frogs and more to entice and capture the interest and excitement of the children




Rapunzel’s Tower

Designed and built by: Porter Davis

Auction partner: Luke Banitsiotis – Woodards

Reserve $6,000

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