MySpace by Grimshaw Architecture

Building blocks to create a unique space!

MySpace is inspired by the notion of ‘creative play’. Kids have the ability to adapt their own spaces by manipulating various sized blocks like a big Lego set. How they enter the space and arrange the interior is up to them!

The blocks have multiple uses to reinforce a sense of ownership and flexibility. The shapes can be used to fill voids or provide openings, they can be used for furniture, storing trinkets, growing plants, inviting birds to nest, drawing on and more.

Key Features;

  • Translucent and Clear Polycarbonate Roofing
  • Surveillance Periscope
  • Translucent Polycarbonate Exterior
  • Playground Netting
  • Soft Flooring
  • Vinyl Covered Foam Cubes. Blocks to slide within tracks to ensure safe movement.


MySpace Cubby low res


Designed by: Grimshaw Architecture

Built by: Warrick Home Builders

Auction partner: Sam Rigopoulos – Jellis Craig

Reserve $6,000

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