Kooky Cubby

Kooky Cubby by FMSA Architecture

Big innovation on a small scale, a 3D printed cubby, now that’s kooky!

Exploring the freedom of design given by 3d digital design and fabrication technology and the creation of a new imaginative play space, the kooky cubby takes a step away from traditional cubbies to create a space that engages with the senses and encourages a non-structured free play environment. Influenced by natural processes and forms, the kooky cubby is an organic yet alien play space where imagination can run free.

Key Features;

  • Geometrically complex organic forms
  • Rainwater collection to water plants
  • Coloured acrylic roofs
  • Central spine
  • Textured and translucent walls
  • Contoured floors
  • Secret tunnel
  • Hiding nooks
  • Climbing space
  • Hammock
  • Tunnel entrance
  • Led lights
  • Windows


 KookyCubby-Render_low resKooky Cubby by FMSA Architecture

Designed by: FMSA Architecture

Built by: RMIT

Auction partner: Harry Li – iSell Group

Reserve $6,000


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