Heads Up

‘Heads Up’

By Buildher Collective, Beirin Projects and Bellemo & Cat, represented by Sam Rigopoulos of Jellis Craig

A thought-provoking space for play!

What’s inside your head? crawl inside and see.

This is a playful approach to the cubby as a sculptural object that will sit in the garden. This is a cubby to dream in, to lose yourself in, explore and wonder, to think outside the box, inside the head.

Inside will be a playful interior with platforms and hidey-holes.

Look out through the mouth, eyes and ears.

This is designed and built as a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle using sophisticated digital modelling and cutting.


  • A sculptural artwork for the garden.
  • Interactive thought-provoking play space.
  • Self-contained no extraneous bits and pieces.
  • Built-in platforms and structure for creative play.
  • Climbing potential with various lookout places.
  • Space for reading and reclining within the head.


 3D image produced by JAM3D

Heads Up

Designed and built by: Buildher Collective, Beirin Projects and Bellemo & Cat

Auction partner: Craig Shearn – Jellis Craig

Reserve $8,000

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