Your Promise for Kids

Making a Promise For Kids

How you can always be there for vulnerable young people

It only takes one moment to change the course of a life forever. For a woman called Trang, the moment was when she came into contact with Kids Under Cover.

“I grew up an abusive home,” says Trang. “I lived in fear. It wasn’t safe. But where could I go? If I’d become homeless, I would’ve left school and lost my potential.”

This was back when Kids Under Cover ran group residential accommodation. Trang’s life changed forever when she came to stay with us—and we made her a promise.

A promise that she would be safe from harm. She would have a secure and stable place to stay. She would get the support she needed to achieve her potential.

 There’s a way for you to make your own Promise For Kids—a promise that you will be always be there to protect them, support them and help them thrive.

 You can do this by remembering Kids Under Cover in your Will. With your gift, you could have an incredible impact on the lives of young people—by safeguarding our work for years to come.

Read our Gifts in Wills guide Get in touch to find out more

 In the future, when young people face becoming homeless, you could provide them with secure and stable accommodation—a studio in their family’s or carer’s backyard.

And if they don’t have the resources to stay in education, you could help fund generous scholarships. “I was supported throughout high school and university,” says Trang.

“Without Kids Under Cover, my life would’ve gone down a different path. I wouldn’t have anything I have today… my daughter, my job, my home. I probably wouldn’t be alive.”

If you decide to make the Promise, the impact of that moment will be felt far into the future. Your gift will change and even save the lives of generations of young people.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing you’re leaving a lasting impact on our community, and you will receive regular updates on the impact of our work and what your gift can achieve.

We completely understand that this is a significant decision. Our inspiring guide will tell you more, and our specialist advisor is here to answer your questions.

There are several ways for you to remember Kids Under Cover in your Will. Whatever you decide, please know that we will value any gift and use it very wisely. Your Promise For Kids will have a profound, powerful impact on generations of young people. When you discuss the options with your solicitor, you may find it helpful to refer to this card and ask them to use the suggested wording.

 Thank you. We hope you can consider changing young lives and making your kindness last forever—with your own Promise For Kids.

Read our Gifts in Wills guide Get in touch to find out more