December 4, 2020

From Studio to Physio

Teenage years can often be turbulent, but this was especially true for Taylar who spent her early teens between different homes and without much stability or support.

Despite being a bright student and loving school, Taylar needed to fend for herself and her constantly changing living situation meant her education slipped further down her priority list

“I was in and out of home and wasn’t going to school because I didn’t have the structure and wasn’t able to be organised,” Taylar recalls. 

Taylar’s first glimpse of a new life was through kinship care with , who opened her home so Taylar could finally have an environment which enabled her to focus on her schooling.

“Before she came and lived with us, she wasn’t being fed or looked after and was being used for babysitting,” Janet tells us.

Even once she moved in with Janet, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, Janet’s four-bedroom home was already quite squashy, consisting of four adults and two other children.

“With my husband, son and two other grandchildren it was easy to get onto each other’s nerves,” explains Janet.

Some much-needed space came in the form of a Kids Under Cover studio when Taylar was 16.

“I was finally able to be a teenager. I could have friends over to visit, have my own space and study.”

“Without the studio I probably wouldn’t have finished high school. The studio gave me the structure and privacy I needed to stay focused. I was able to stick to my goal to go to university.”

“I am currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and want to become a Physiotherapist,” Taylar shares with us.

Janet said the studio was the perfect combination of support and independence for Taylar.

“It gave her a place to make her own and allowed her independence while still having us to support her,” says Janet.

“She finished school and has gone to university. She would have none of that without Kids Under Cover.”

Taylar also received a Kids Under Cover Scholarship and Janet shared with us the special moment they used these funds.

“When we got the scholarship funds, we took her to pick up her textbooks for year 11 and she started crying. I asked her why and she said this was the first time she ever had the correct books bought for her. I didn’t realise what a big moment it was for her,” Janet explains.

“It has not only had a positive impact on her life – it has changed her life!” Janet explains with conviction.

Janet says the positive changes doesn’t stop there.

“Taylar’s half siblings also live with us and it has been really good for them having them here during a difficult time and it meant we could agree for her to live with us without having a major impact on everyone in terms of space.”