Fundraising Ideas

There are literally hundreds of fun, unique and easy ways individuals, groups and businesses can raise funds to prevent youth homelessness. You can actually turn almost any activity into a fundraiser!

  1. Organise a morning tea for a gold coin donation.
  2. Host a quiz or bingo night.
  3. Organise a fun run/walk.
  4. Hold a raffle at work.
  5. Stage a local fashion show.
  6. Hold a flower arranging evening.
  7. Hold an evening playing charades.
  8. Hold a breakfast party at $10 per head.
  9. Strike! Hold a blindfold ten pin bowling challenge.
  10. Give us a clue – organise a local treasure hunt.
  11. Carry on camping – have a sponsored camp out.
  12. Close shave – raise money by shaving off your beard or hair.
  13. Shhh! Have a sponsored shut up for XXX hours.
  14. Hold a rave – get people to dance the night away.
  15. Master of disguise – have a masked ball or party.
  16. Trick or treat – hold a Halloween party.
  17. Bullseye! – arrange a darts competition.
  18. Have a karaoke evening.
  19. Organise a short talk by a local celebrity.
  20. Travelling light – be sponsored for every kilometre you travel without the use of money.
  21. Over a year, collect small change from people at work. It is amazing how it adds up.
  22. Mind your language – have a swear box in the office or at home.
  23. Give it up – get sponsored to go without sweets/alcohol for X days.
  24. Hold a garage sale.
  25. Theatre or cinema party – arrange with your local venue to buy bulk tickets at a reduced rate and then sell for a profit.
  26. Dinner – hold it at home, in a hall or a restaurant, think of a theme for food and dress
  27. Trivia Night – fun for everyone and you could include a silent auction
  28. Christmas in July dinner
  29. Comedy night
  30. Casual Day – collect gold coin donations for wearing casual clothes to work or school
  31. Car washing – just don’t waste water!
  32. Concert – ask singers and musicians to perform at a benefit concert
  33. Cricket, tennis or lawn bowls day

For more information on how you can hold a community fundraising event for Kids Under Cover or to receive your fundraising pack, contact our fundraising team on