August 24, 2020

Changing Lives

Thanks to your generosity, when a young person receives a Kids Under Cover studio, the entire family benefits.

Caitlyn shares the life-changing difference she experienced when her brother moved into the studio.

Caitlyn’s family were elated when foster child Nina joined them permanently. But there wasn’t a lot of space. With a family of 6 in a small house, tensions were high.

Nina and Caitlin were sharing a tiny bedroom with bunk beds. The teenage years pose enough challenges as it is, and these are only exacerbated by overcrowding.

“It was a nightmare. When you’re a teenager, everything is changing, and you need privacy. We had no space to study and no privacy. There was a lot of fighting,” Caitlyn tells us.

Thanks to support of donors like you, Caitlyn’s family received a Kids Under Cover studio. Her older brother moved into the studio, making a huge difference for the whole family.

“Once we got the studio, the whole dynamic became calmer. My brother was going on 18 and it gave him so much independence. It meant Nina and I got our own rooms. It gave us privacy, a space to study and flourish into adulthood really smoothly,” Caitlyn explains.

Caitlyn and her three siblings also received Kids Under Cover scholarships to help ease the burden of education costs.

“The scholarships have been the best. We were all able to get laptops. There’s no way we would have afforded that without the scholarships, which would have really impacted my education.”

There’s no stopping Caitlyn. She’s now studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The University of Melbourne.

“Without the studio and scholarships, everything would have been so much harder. To the kind people that support Kids Under Cover, the love you have for total strangers is immeasurable. I am eternally grateful for the vast kindness of you all.”