Building Strong Foundations. Literally.

Harris HMC is a Melbourne construction company that has partnered with Kids Under Cover to install our studios. Travis Lambe, General Manager of Harris HMC Maintenance shares his experience. 

“Harris HMC has been managing the building and maintenance of the Kids Under Cover studios for the last five and a half years and it’s had a profound effect on me, and in fact on our entire staff.

On one hand, my role is quite objective. I manage the building process and, having handled hundreds of studios, we’ve really streamlined the process.

As soon as the ground preparation and council paperwork is done, we can have the studio constructed in two weeks. That’s all quite straightforward.

On the other hand, once the studio has been built I do the final inspection for quality control and then I oversee the studio maintenance, so one way or another I generally get to know the carer and the young person we are building for.

“That has been an amazing experience and unlike anything else I’ve experienced in either my professional or personal life.

The families often tell me their stories and that can be quite confronting, to hear what they’ve been through. I’ve been brought to tears when I’ve heard about some of the experiences of these kids, but then you get to see the good outcome the studio brings. It’s really moving.

Before I started working with Kids Under Cover I didn’t appreciate the challenges that lack of space presents for families in crisis.”

“Overcrowding isn’t just having a couple of kids sharing a room. It certainly wasn’t something I’d experienced as a kid.”

When you see how tough people are doing it, you realise how much this service is needed.

I recently went to one home where there were four kids sleeping in the lounge-room. Hearing “there are four kids sleeping in the lounge-room” is quite different from actually seeing what it’s like. To then see the difference the extra space of the studio makes for the family is incredible.
The staff at Kids Under Cover work really hard to achieve these outcomes. They are so committed to the program and that’s rubbed off onto us. Now our staff at Harris HMC have started to live and breathe the Kids Under Cover mission.

Everyone is really engaged in supporting Kids Under Cover as our charity of choice. We have donated a studio and cars; taken part in the Cubby House Challenge four times and are now sponsoring it, and we fundraise for Kids Under Cover on all our construction sites and at events.

The work we do for Kids Under Cover is our way of giving back to the community and it’s gratifying to see first-hand the difference it makes.”

Travis Lambe

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