BLOCKheads Provide Much Needed Sanctuary

Fifth Block Studio Provides a Much-Needed Sanctuary for 16-Year-Old Boy



The studio thoughtfully decorated by Bianca & Carla is now occupied by a 16-year-old boy who enjoys basketball and soccer and loves playing computer games. But more importantly, now this young person has his own SPACE to focus on his studies and full fill his dream of going to university.

Currently studying Year 11 VCE this young man was in desperate need of some privacy and space to study. Sharing the house with his parents and two siblings was challenging. There was nowhere for him to get away and he was in desperate need of respite from his younger brother who is low functioning autistic.


Their small home is chaotic at best. There was nowhere for him to concentrate when trying to study and he has long given up on inviting friends over. For this 16-year-old leaving home with nowhere to go seemed like his only option for some respite.

The environment within the home was also taking its toll on the other members of the family, relationships were strained, and mum and dad were constantly stressed and anxious, worried the young person would eventually leave.

Not knowing what to do and with things spiralling out of control inside the home, his parents were struggling to find ways to convince the young man to stick it out, they hoped things would get better, but knew things could not continue as they were as he would most likely decide to leave.

The young man’s parents did not want to see their family split up, nor the relationship between the siblings deteriorate.

For many young people, once they start to disengage from family, they stop going to school and begin taking greater risks, often running away from home for long periods of time, and in some instances participating in criminal activity. Eventually, they decide not to return to the family home, spending nights couch-surfing or worse, living on the street, entering the cycle of homelessness.

Keeping this young person connected to the family was paramount and since he received the stylishly decorated studio relationships within the family home have improved 100%

The young man is now able to concentrate on his studies, meaning he can now remain connected to education, his dreams of going on to university no longer just dreams. The studio is also providing him with the skills to live independently whilst repairing his relationship with his brother and his parents, and he has started to build positive friendships, inviting friends over to chill out in his studio.


Big thanks to Grove Group who donated their time & services to install the studios from The Block