A Block Studio Helping to Heal

The Kindhearted Efforts of BLOCKheads Hayden & Sara Helping to Heal a Traumatic Past



BLOCKheads Hayden & Sara kicked the ball out of the park with this one! These guys worked hard to deliver the perfect studio during The Block challenge last week for a 16-year-old boy who is a huge fan of Melbourne Victory. Hayden & Sara made a few calls & had a special delivery arrive onsite for this soccer-loving young man. Sara’s cousin delivered a signed framed Victory jumper to hang on the wall!

One of four children, aged from 11 to 18, living with their mum in a three-bedroom office of housing property this young man has witnessed some horrific family violence in the past few years. All family members are dealing with an enormous amount of grief and trauma along with the recent loss of several family members in a short period of time.

The eldest of the two boys in the family, this young person has been particularly impacted leading to some anger management issues resulting in violent outbursts.


Conflict within the family home was increasing, the siblings were constantly arguing and for this young man life at home was becoming intolerable. The overcrowding was making life impossible. He had nowhere to escape to, nowhere to study, no privacy or stability. For him taking off with nowhere to go seemed like the only way out.

Things at home were spiralling out of control, without more space this family would be torn apart, the additional space of this Kids Under Cover studio has meant the family can work through their grief and loss together, and the young person now has some space of his own to heal and grow.

Quality of space is just as important as quantity of space and in this instance, the thought and generosity that went into creating this space for such a troubled young man has had a significantly positive impact on his overall well-being and mental health.

Since the installation of the studio, the family have been receiving counselling together and the young person has been referred to a youth program to support his re-engagement with school.


This studio was one of four Block studios generously funded by Gandel Philanthropy, thank you.

Big thanks also to Grove Group for delivering these studios to the young people.