Hannah’s Story


Access to education has the power to change a life. A Kids Under Cover Scholarship helps keep at-risk young people connected to education. Our unique combination of accommodation and scholarships is a proven and effective strategy of preventing young people from becoming homeless. 

As young people across the country head back to school, your donation will help keep them in education, feeling connected and included. You can give young people a greater chance at a brighter future.

A Kids Under Cover scholarship doesn’t just help financially with educational expenses. It also prevents the social exclusion that can haunt young people who miss out on camps, excursions or other school activities due to lack of funds. 

Young people just like Hannah*

Hannah’s childhood was traumatic, filled with abuse, neglect and family violence. She experienced homelessness, often sleeping in a car. At the age of seven, Hannah’s whole life changed – her foster family welcomed her in with open arms. 

Now, thanks to the support of Kids Under Cover, Hannah is in her third year of university studying to be a Social Worker.

The cost of equipment, textbooks and travel to-and-from university quickly stacks up. Kids Under Cover’s scholarship provides significant financial ease for her family. This allows Hannah to focus on university and her future, rather than worry about how it will be paid for.

“The studio and scholarships have helped our entire family. Hannah’s foster brother Tim* completed a biomedical degree with the help of three Kids Under Cover Scholarships. Hannah’s foster sister Carla* just turned 18 and has secured a Kids Under Cover scholarship a few months ago.”

Hannah’s Carer

You have the power to make a lasting difference in the lives of young people by supporting their participation with education.

How your contribution helps

By donating today, you’ll be a vital part of a unique and practical approach to prevent youth homelessness.

$35 per month contributes to an annual scholarship for a student in grades 7-10

$70 per month helps a student to stay engaged with subjects they are passionate about

$105 per month pays for university textbooks or TAFE fees


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Your continued support will ensure young people like Hannah and their family thrive.


*Names have been changed to protect identities

Thanks to the models who appear in the imagery to protect the identity of our clients.