Keeping families together

Young people rarely become homeless by choice

Kids Under Cover is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness. Our early intervention approach is simple, unique and effective.


Get support

We work with Community Service Organisations to identify young people or families who need our help. If you are in crisis, you’ll also find information here embed about how to get emergency assistance.

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Get involved

A little of your time can make a big difference to someone in need. Volunteers and community fundraisers are crucial to our work.

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Make a donation

You can help break the cycle of disadvantage and prevent youth homelessness. Your donation today will help carers provide young people at risk with a stable and secure environment and improve their connection to school, family and community.

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Know more about homelessness

There are a lot of misconceptions about homelessness and who it affects. One certainty is that prevention is better than cure.

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Our Reach

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+ young people supported

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+ cars donated

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+ studios on the ground

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+ scholarships awarded

Kids Under Cover Stories

Read the stories of some of the families Kids Under Cover has been able to help with the generous support of our partners and donors.

“Jess was on a dark path. What she experienced as a child I wouldn’t wish on anyone … if we didn’t have the studio, Jess would have been forced to leave.” Thomas, Jess’s foster brother

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